Introduction to Pop PK and modeling in nlmixr2

PssN 2023

By Ahmed Abulfathi & Matt Fidler in workshop

July 4, 2023

Workshop Learning Objectives

During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the basic PK/PD modeling and gain hands-on experience. Furthermore, workshop participants will learn the stepwise framework of the Pharmacometric’s workflow; starting with a question-based approach to graphical explorations intended to uncover useful insights prior to complex modeling. Next, nlmxir2 is used for building an adequate population model refined by the exploration of the data to characterize the dose-exposure-response relationship. Finally, the model evaluation, diagnostics, validation and reporting will be discussed.

Workshop overview

We will be covering the following:

  • Introduction to Pharmacometrics: Modeling in the Context of African Health - Ahmed Abulfathi

  • Introduction to Clinical Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics: PK/PD Models - Ahmed Abulfathi

  • nlmixr2: An Open-source Package for Pharmacometrics Modeling in R - Matt Fidler

  • nlmixr2: Goodness of Fit Plots Using nlmixr2 – Matt Fidler

  • Hands-on Tutorial – Matt Fidler

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July 4, 2023
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