The Development Team

Thank you to all the folks who have contributed both technical and creative skills to this project, and just as much, their employers, who allow them the time to work with us:

  • Matt Fidler: our development lead, Matt is an Associate Director at Novartis and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Bill Denney: Bill runs Human Predictions in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a core developer.

  • John Harrold: John is a core developer and is a Director of Clinical Pharmacology at SeaGen in San Francisco, California.

  • Richard Hooijmaijers: Richard develops and maintains the Shiny-based GUI shinyMixR and is a PKPD consultant at LAP&P in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

  • Theodoros Papathanasiou: Theo is a core developer and spends his days as a Principal Pharmacometrics Scientist at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Rik Schoemaker: besides being an all-around legend, Rik supervises testing and is a partner at Occams in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

  • Mirjam Trame: Mirjam manages communications and coordinates courses and worksops, and is a Senior Director in Integrated Drug Development at Certara in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Justin Wilkins: Justin maintains the xpose.nlmixr interface package to xpose for graphical diagnostics, and helps with assorted documentation and testing; he’s a partner at Occams and lives in Werl, Germany.

  • Yuan Xiong: Yuan is a core developer, and works in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson in Raritan, New Jersey.

  • Huijuan Xu: Huijuan is a core developer, and works as a Research Scientist in Scientific Computing at Novartis in Princeton, New Jersey.