nlmixr2 family releases

This is another release of a group of nlmixr2-related packages. Feature Highlights There are a few things I would like to highlight in this release: Highly requested feature(s) A much requested feature has been added for rxode2; Diagonal zeros in the omega and sigma matrices are treated as zeros in the model. The corresponding omega and sigma matrices drop columns/rows where the diagonals are zero to create a new omega and sigma matrix for simulation.

By the nlmixr2 Development Team in nlmixr2

April 14, 2023

Automated Reporting of nlmixr2 Fit Results in Word and PowerPoint

I’m happy to announce the initial release of nlmixr2rpt: a package designed to automate reporting of nlmixr2 results to Word and PowerPoint. The nlmixr2rpt package is attempting to save you time on the back-end of your analysis so you can focus on the analysis itself. There are three main issues we are attempting to address: Interoperability: While I am personally a fan of LaTeX, corporations tend to favor Word and PowerPoint.

babelmixr2, nlmixr2 and Monolix

As with NONMEM, it is important to be able to compare nlmixr2 to industry standard software like Monolix. With that , in mind, I am proud to announce the first nlmixr2 to Monolix translator in babelmixr2. As with NONMEM, while this has been done before, the method whereby we are converting between the two is novel and has some surprising advantages. How to use Monolix with nlmixr2 To use Monolix in nlmixr, you do not need to change your data or your nlmixr2 dataset.

By Matt Fidler and the nlmixr2 Development Team in babelmixr2

December 5, 2022

babelmixr2, nlmixr2 and NONMEM

I remember attending a virtual ACoP where Tim Waterhouse said “This person is so convincing that the could sell NONMEM to a nlmixr developer”. I was in the wrong meeting so I laughed and connected to the correct meeting. While he is correct, I don’t really want to purchase a NONMEM license, and I would think that individual pharmacometricians are the same: they don’t want to buy a personal license for the software they use at work (although CROs might be different here).

By Matt Fidler and the nlmixr2 Development Team in babelmixr2

November 11, 2022

Lag-time with NONMEM and nlmixr2

This is more of a methodology post, pointing out how things are done in nlmixr2 and how it likely doesn’t match what is done in NONMEM (and at least one reason why a drop-in replacement of rxode2 by another tool like PKPDsim, mrgsolve, or deSolve is not an easy project). For the impatient, adding focei lag time (and other dose-based events) have improved in stability for this release of nlmixr2.

By Matt Fidler and the nlmixr2 Development Team in nlmixr2

November 10, 2022